Webserver 1 Outage

Post date: Apr 3, 2017 12:35:52 PM

We've been told by the IT team at CESA 10 that the fixes that were performed last week to alio Server 2 were a complete success. The server now has updated security, the reports are running better than before, and the server has been upgraded with the preliminary steps in ensuring that we don't have any difficulty with alio dealing with browsers in the future (regarding alio and browsers, details to follow over the next few weeks).

Now that Server 2 is fully up-to-date, CESA 10 needs to do the same updates and processes to Server 1. That means that CESA 10 will need to move all clients from Server 1 over to Server 2, as they will be taking Server 1 completely offline on Saturday, April 1. If you are receiving this email, this switch will definitely apply to your organization, and action is required.

To clarify a bit on hosted services - CESA 10 has two hosted servers, 1 and 2. Hosted clients are split somewhat evenly between the two servers in terms of what server is their "main" server. In addition, each server is linked to the other for backup purposes. One side effect of this link is that a hosted client can access their database from either server, no matter which server is their "main" server.

Changing from Server 1 to Server 2 is a fairly simple process. To access alio currently, you are using an internet browser to access the hosted servers via the URL shown below. From this URL, another window then opens and the alio login screen appears.