Java 7 Patch Applied

Post date: Mar 8, 2013 4:21:08 AM

The alio servers are able to run in both Java 6 and Java 7 environments. The latest versions are now Java 7 Update 17 and Java 6 Update 43 and they are available on Windows, Linux, OS X Lion and Mountain Lion. Apple also updated the version of Java 6 that they supply for OS X Snow Leopard to Update 43 (although Apple refers to it as Update 14).

As indicated previously, this really doesn’t have to affect you in any way. If you do nothing, you will not notice any differences. And that is what we are suggesting.

But for those that want/need to upgrade to Java 7 you will be able to do that now. BUT… if you use alio Intelligence you will NOT be able to upgrade to Java 7. If you have questions about that please call to discuss.

If you do upgrade to Java 7 you will also notice that when logging into alio you will not be able to use the tab key on the login screen only. (i.e. enter your Username, tab to Password, then tab to database – you will need to use your mouse to go between fields on this screen only)