December 17 2016

Post date: Dec 17, 2016 2:07:16 PM

Attention alio Users (Please share with appropriate staff):

We are pleased to let everyone know that the upgrade to 17.2 was successfully completed this morning. You can now log into alio, alio Intelligence, and Employee Portal/ESP.

NOTE - While testing the 17.2 update, we discovered an issue with the W2 and 1099 print programs. Because of this issue, we do not have the 2016 images for W2 and 1099 forms at the present moment. We are working with Weidenhammer on correcting this issue, but the correction may not be ready until the beginning of next week. We will send a message to everyone when we have the issue resolved, so please do not print W2 or 1099 forms until we let you know that the images are updated (in the meantime, you can still feel free to extract and proof your W2 and 1099 information if you would like). If you have any questions or concerns regarding this situation, please feel free to contact Theresa or Matt.

Your alio Consultants:

Theresa Shaw

Matt Wink