Increasing Security

Post date: Aug 17, 2013 10:59:48 PM

Attention alio Users: (please share with appropriate staff)

Although our alio servers are very secure, our IT department is in the process of increasing security on all servers, including alio servers, which is a never ending process.

The plan….

The overall plan is to make some adjustments, then wait a few days before making more changes. After each of these adjustments the alio consultants will be testing several alio databases on both sets of servers to verify connectivity and alio processing. The changes will not affect the way you log into alio, alio intelligence and Employee Portal. You will not notice any difference in processing in alio either.

When will this take place…

In an effort to effect the least number of clients we are discussing making changes to the alio servers after 9:00 pm over the course of the next few weeks. We would also like to work this Sunday (August 18). The servers would be back on line for the normal morning startup.

The upgrade/maintenance on the Employee Portal server will be done during the day, probably next week. We feel doing the Employee Portal during the day will affect your employees less than doing that in the evening or on a weekend.

What happens if you have a deadline that requires you to be working after 9:00 pm…

In the event that you do have to work later than 9:00 please call. As always we try to accommodate your needs. If you can give us a few days lead time it would be appreciated.


If you have questions about server status and it is outside of the normal work day call Mary Ann’s cell phone number (715-933-0646).

Please feel free to call Randy Bowe or myself if you ever have any questions or concerns about our hosting service. We take pride in providing your alio hosting services, and always try to be responsive to your needs.